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The 2020 Bee School is now SOLD OUT. Please consider joining us in February 2021.

Why buy honey when you can produce it yourself?  Learn how to become a beekeeper!  Do you have an interest but just don't quite know where to start?  Join me as I teach both beginner and seasoned beekeepers in my classes through the Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers Club. ("A2B2").  I can guide you through a full season from beginning to end.  Each month we cover beekeeping subjects which pertain to what you and your bees will be facing in upcoming weeks.  I will help guide you from purchasing and building your equipment to buttoning up your bees for the winter.  By the end of the class you will have the knowledge and experience to keep bees on your own!  Classes meet monthly and consist of both a thorough classroom lecture setting and hands on learning in the field. 

Enrollment has opened for A2B2 Club members.  Non members may enroll beginning January 1, 2020.  Go to www.A2B2Club.org to enroll.


Need someone to come take a look at your hives?

Sometimes you need an expert opinion.  Through working on an 800 hive commercial bee farm, teaching bee schools and managing my own apiaries I have worked through many scenarios and issues presented in the bee world.  I can help with diagnosing problems and offering solutions.  I will come out to your bee yard and work one on one with you while providing assistance to help you get your hives back on track.  

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The Hive Butler

The Hive Butler

One thing I've learned throughout my years of beekeeping is that there is always something on which to spend money.  I've learned that the sure way...

Your Bees in Winter

Last fall as you were buttoning up your bees for winter, you most likely took measures to ensure that they were well fed and protected from excessi...
Strong Starts For Your Package Bees

Strong Starts For Your Package Bees

 The most important objective when taking home your package bees is to make them feel right at home.  For starters, think about the needs that any ...
Treatment Free Does NOT Mean "Plan Free".

Treatment Free Does NOT Mean "Plan Free".

Whether you aspire to go treatment free or you want to pursue various treatment methods for Varroa Mites this season you MUST plan!               ...
A2B2 Club Build Day!

A2B2 Club Build Day!

                       Saturday was the A2B2 Club's build day.  Matthaei Botanical Garden's hosted us.  There were about sixty of us.  We had a bla...
Ready or not!  Here they come!!!

Ready or not! Here they come!!!

We need to be watching the weather.  Before we know it, the dandelions will be popping up and the nectar flow will full be on!  Our surviving colon...
Mid Course Corrections:  Helping your bees survive these harsh Michigan winters.

Mid Course Corrections: Helping your bees survive these harsh Michigan winters.

It’s It's commonly said that “cold doesn’t kill bees, condensation kills bees”.  However, when we get cold snaps like the one we just had here in ...
The Flow Hive

The Flow Hive

Go with The Flow?  

A new twist on beekeeping has created quite a stir in the industry.  Some love it, some hate it and some just don't know what to think.  My friend, Jen actually taught a session of my bee school last summer on the Flow Hive.  She's written an article describing her experiences as a Flow Hive user.  Read on to learn how you can get a discount for yourself and may even be able to get a free Flow Hive for your local club.

"One Is The Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do"                              -Three Dog Night

"One Is The Loneliest Number That You'll Ever Do" -Three Dog Night

It seems that the band, “Three Dog Night” truly were advising us on keeping bees.  Have you ever only had one hive?  I’ve been there and it can rea...
Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Joining a beekeeping club is one of the greatest ways to connect, network and grow as a beekeeper.  I tend to be a bit more of an introvert when it comes to being new in a group.  However, when I attended my first meeting at ...

Dead bees in November!  Have I lost my colony???

Dead bees in November! Have I lost my colony???

     I’ve received several emails and calls this month from upset beekeepers.  Most have made a lot of really good decisions and cared well for th...
Comparing Package Bees and Nucs

Comparing Package Bees and Nucs

When I first started out, the beekeeping terminology seemed to require its own class or at least its own dictionary.  When I first learned of a “...

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