Five Frame Medium Nucs

Five Frame Medium Nucs

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These Five Frame Medium Nucs are raised in Pennsylvania and overwintered in Florida (December-February).  Genetically they are predominantly Italian but more accurately would be referred to as "Mutts".   Unlike many operations, the queens are bred onsite not purchased form another queen breeder. The queens are selected and bred for their varroa hygienic behavior and winter survivability.  Many 2019 season customers reported that these bees consistently yielded large honey harvests and demonstrated strong varroa mite and disease resistance.

The nucs come with a laying queen, two to three frames of brood and two frames of pollen, nectar & honey.  No box deposit or frame swapping required.  You keep it all.

The 2019 price on the nucs will last through the end of January.

Tentative Delivery: April 25, 2020.